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International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature 1967 - 2024
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ONLINE Russian Language courses at ITMO University

Summer school in the Russian Language 2020 at ITMO

Build up your own ONLINE school!

COVID-19 has changed our lives for the time being: quarantine, prohibitions, restrictions… But ITMO University offers students to use this time for self-improvement! Confirming the original meaning of the word ‘university’ (latin ‘universum’ – ‘universe’, ‘infinity’), ITMO University expands its horizons, immerses in a new world, a new culture: all you have to do is connect from the comfort of your room – and you are already learning Russian from an experienced university teacher, taking the most interesting tours in St. Petersburg, looking through the exhibits of one of the best museums in the world, watching a ballet in magnificent theatres and even honing your culinary skills, learning the secrets of Russian cuisine! We will be eagerly awaiting students in the St. Petersburg offline Winter and Spring courses-2021, but this summer we happily present the RUSSIAN AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE ONLINE SCHOOL.

From July 1 to July 28, 2020, ITMO provides you with an opportunity to build up your individual online school based on your own interests and level of Russian language proficiency. Students can choose up to 4 modules on offer and assemble a unique set of summer courses. Each module lasts one week and is graded 2 ECTS, and upon completion of the course, participants will be given a certificate for their completed program.

Independent modules are aimed at students with any level of Russian language proficiency and pursuing various goals in their education.

For students interested in Russian culture, ITMO offers intensive and interactive modules in Russian Literature, History, Cinema and Contemporary Theatre.

Intensive lessons include vocabulary, grammar, spoken Russian, as well as the main course in the Russian language modules.

For those willing to learn Russian for specific purposes, the following courses are available: Russian in Media, Russian Politics and Tourism.

ITMO also offers a TORFL preparation course with intensive daily classes.

Students are welcome to opt for a Corrective Course, which aims to cover the students’ gaps in knowledge of the Russian language in their chosen topics.

Furthermore, we offer students the possibility to not only learn the Russian language, but to immerse themselves in Russian culture. ITMO University cooperates with the best theatres and museums in St. Petersburg, which offer unique virtual tours to our online students: excursions, spectacles, ballets and other interesting virtual events. In addition, ITMO offers online masterclasses in the basics of traditional Russian cuisine. You can learn how to cook classic Russian dishes right from your own kitchen, and you will also find out what Russians eat during self-quarantine because of Coronavirus.

After COVID-19 forced the whole world to transfer to online education, it is no longer a secret to anyone that when it comes to learning a foreign language this form of education is quite effective. The benefits of online education are obvious:

  • saving on teaching material (everything needed for the lessons, including audio and video files, is sent to the students beforehand)
  • a good value of money (lessons are taught by experienced teachers with a Master/Doctoral degree)
  • the training of all skills simultaneously (communicative method is used)
  • upon completion of the course, the students will receive an official Russian university certificate, etc.

After all, in the current world situation – it is an optimal decision for all of us: students stay at home, while at the same time travelling to the wonderful world of Russian language and culture.

The cost of one module, i.e. one week of study, is €70. Please follow the links to access more information on the Russian language modules, application steps, the online application form, and other formalities. Please be sure to read our brochures in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

Please do not forget that the OFFLINE Russian as a Foreign Language school will be held in Winter-2021 as it has been held before the pandemic. You can find the module timetable here.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact ITMO coordinators!


School content questions:

RFL Schools Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Julia Sutuginiene

Organizational questions:

ITMO International Admissions O­ffice
Mrs. Ekaterina Rassolenko

ONLINE Russian Language courses at ITMO University