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International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature 1967 - 2024
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RUDN University opens Digital Pre-University Faculty

    Digital Pre-University Faculty is an international educational programme which aims to prepare foreign students in any corner of the world for the admission at any Russian universities.  The project is fully implemented with the use of online technologies. Educational methods of the programme are elaborated according to national and regional features as well as the index of development of information and communication technologies in the country of residence of applicants.

    The program has been designed to enable students to learn Russian and improve their knowledge of general education subjects up to the level, required for the admission at any Russian university. The Digital programme is targeted to high school students and students of undergraduate programs of foreign universities who want to study in Russia in upcoming future.

    Studying at the Digital pre-university Faculty has a number of advantages:

    - schoolchildren and students can prepare for the admission at a Russian University alongside with the completion of school or bachelor's degree without leaving their country,

    - tuition fee is reasonably cheaper than studying at a full-time pre-university faculty in Russia,

    - before enrollment, each student receives a free personal consultation, during which they can ask any questions they have. Additionally, professors of RUDN University hold a free trial lesson to get a student acquainted with the Russian language and the digital educational platform,

    - studying process is accompanied with continuing full-time tutor and teacher’s support. During the studies, students receive support from experienced teachers of the RUDN University and Tutors in the form of video consultations, as well as round-the-clock support in a chat in Russian and an ‘intermediary’ language.

    The educational process is conducted entirely through a digital platform and the programme is opened for enrollment throughout the year in any corner of the world. Upon a successful final assessment, the student will receive a certificate confirming knowledge of the Russian language and general disciplines at the level required for admission to Russian universities

    The basic educational course of the Digital pre-university faculty consists of 9 modules:

    - 4 core compulsory modules on the Russian language: introductory phonetic module, elementary, basic, and first certification levels.

    - 3 elective modules of General education disciplines. The student can choose three out of eight modules: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, social studies, literature, computer science

    - 1 module of academic style of speech. The student chooses one module out of five: natural science, biomedical, economic, humanitarian, and engineering.

    - 1 module on Culture Studies. This module is aimed to facilitate socio-cultural adaptation of an international student.

    Enrollment stages of the Digital Pre-University Faculty:

    The student:

    - fills an application form on the web-page

    - gets a consultation with the project coordinator.

    - takes a free trial lesson with the teacher on the educational platform.

    - pays the tuition fee and starts his studies.

    The educational process is organized according to individual tracks. The school year will officially begin on September 15, 2020, with enrollment taking place year-round.

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